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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  December 31, 2015 5:00pm-7:01pm PST

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breaking out on the 20th floor. thankfully, there are not as many injuries as you might have thought. 16 people have sustained minor injuries. one person is described has medium injuries. one person is believed to have had a heart attack and smoke inhalation. we are told by authorities that 90% of that fire is now contained. 90% of the fire, as far as authorities are concerned, a lot of eyewitnesses telling us telling us it is well contained. clearly, and incredibly
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frightening experience -- an incredibly frightening experience. >> it is already knew years. -- it is already new years. up to one up to 1 million people gathering in berlin germany. meanwhile, some people are gathering in groups to bring in the new year. people in munich germany are being asked to stay away from large crowds. there are possible terrorist threats police say they received information for possible plans for an attack on years. the train station is closed and
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there is a huge police presence. the bay area is gearing up for a huge celebration. live at the hotel in san francisco. it is our own live show tonight.>> reporter: the big night is here happy new years to you. we are at the hotel, we will show you where we are at we are at the ferry building at the base. the fireworks are launched right out there. they are launched off the barge in the water. you cannot get a better spot. that is where we are going to be at. my first impression, it is really cold. i am from michigan, i strongly suggest you want to consider watching these evening
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festivities on kron 4. it's going to be an incredible show. i talked to the guys who are putting the show on, they are going to set up 6000 pieces of fireworks into the air tonight. some of them, you have to watch closely they will be and shapes, stars, hearts, animals. it will be fun to watch. you can watch this live through our website or through our mobile app.. be sure to tune in tonight at 11:30 pm it will be a lot of fun with gary and catherine. we have cameras all over, you will get the best viewing of the show that you could possibly have. join us later this evening. >> if you tell your family and
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friends how cold it is back in michigan they are going to laugh at you. your blood is a little thinner than it was. he is live right now and he will be live for us all night. you can ride for free until 3 am. they will run a normal weekday schedule trains will run every 20 minutes after midnight. trains from san francisco will be running after midnight, there will be four of them. be sure to plan. if you do not feel like battling the crowds this new year's eve, we have you covered, you can catch the new year's eve live production from the comfort of your home.
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gary and catherine will be your host. they will countdown. it starts at 11:30 pm. right here on kron tran44 extract a mother from fairfield -- a mother from fairfield, the 51-year-old was arrested tuesday morning went neighbors saw her running and screaming from the house. they were on conscience inside the boy was rushed to the hospital but died later. she admitted to intentionally drowning the child and the motive has not been released. two grandchildren under care at that time were not hurt. her arraignment will be completed next week. police on the hunt for a man you see right there. suspected in a string of strong armed robberies of convenience
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stores and gas stations. he has had five times in the past two weeks. police want to catch them before somebody gets hurt. >> reporter: five times, several other times across the bay area, police are looking for the sky actively tonight. this is what he looks like. take a look. here is his picture. there are multiple police agencies on the hunt for him. a semi automatic handgun, right there, please tell me that all of these robberies started on december 21 when the man robbed a 711. there have been seven to 10 robberies. they are all over the bay they said. the recent here this morning, at the valero gas station.
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20 minutes later at a laundromat. here is a another picture. this one is from walnut creek. he ducks down behind the counter so no one can see him and he takes a small amount of cash. he wants anyone out there who uses the convenience store especially at night or in the morning to be very aware of what is going on around them.>> what i'd really like people to pay attention to, that person who seems to be walking from around the corner. make sure you see the clerk inside to be sure it is safe to go inside. if you see someone in a ski mask is time to get out of there and call 911.>> he is described as a hispanic or asian man in his 20s or 30s, 512 with a stocky --
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5'12" with a stocky build. as more and more robberies occur the more bold he's going to get. >> thank you scott. making off with a bunch of luxury cars. san francisco police responded to a burglary at the dealership. we have new video from surveillance cameras. they burglarized this on howard street, they broken through the main gate and went into the locked area of the storage area where the keys were help. three hispanic males and one hispanic female. san francisco police are asking for the public's help they held of employees at a restaurant? here is some variance video --
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here is video showing them ordering the employees down to the ground. there was a black cloth and a handgun underneath it. looking for a black guy in his 30s, 40s, weighing 250 pounds. raking news just into the kron tran44 newsroom. -- breaking news, just into the kron tran44. -- 4. no other houses have been impacted. they have diverted the water into a storm drain. no evacuations at this time. we will keep you posted as soon as we learn new information. the 20,000 muni riders who rely on it are going to have to
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use shuttle buses, a sinkhole opened up and caused a service disruption. a busted sewer line caused the sinkhole. >> reporter: right before the morning commute, around 6 am, it started out at 3 foot long 6 feet wide. washing away the dirt. to get in and fix it crews had to make the whole bigger. -- they had to make the hole bigger. they were on scene. >> at this point, we're trying to get it takes. p -- >> reporter: buses trying to get people around.
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writers were told to expect delays. -- riders were told to expect delays. after that work is done the work will be done. here is gravel being delivered and after that will come the asphalt paving. they will test it out several times to be sure it is safe so that it can hold the train. the largest cargo ship dropping anchor. it is at the port of oakland. the water is starting to receipt. and it is starting -- received. and starting -- it is starting
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to move west. we have clear skies around the bay area. cold temperatures are on the way for this evening. ♪ life...
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is unpredictable. life is deaths. and births. sickness and health. love and heartbreak. and covered california is there for it all. not just to help keep you well. but to make sure the cost of being unwell doesn't ruin this whole life thing. because it's more than just health care. it's life care.
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a spectacular seen on san francisco bay. one of the largest cargo ships arriving in the bay area, the
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majestic, kron 4 . >> reporter: it is the 10th largest in the world. it's making its way to the port of oakland and will stay until sunday afternoon. it is operated by a company. you can see the ship complete its historic voyage. company officials say they plan to use it for regular service for china and the west coast of the united states. in other news, president obama is expected to announce another executive order. closing the gun show loophole.
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the measure is expected to provide funding for local law enforcement to crack down on gun laws. january 12, the state of union address, the white house is not sharing the contents of it. the president expects to receive recommendations beginning of the year. the mother of the teen is back into the united states. tonya and her son, ethan, fled to mexico. he violated his probation. he killed four people in a drug driving accident -- a drunk driving accident. they said he was not responsible for his actions, one reason, affluenza,
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he got everything he got from his parents growing up, many are outraged that he was sentenced to probation rather than jail time. it is -- he is still in mexico tonight being held in the jail. making a huge mess behind, water levels in mississippi, the levels have reached a historic high. look at it crashing into the bridge. hundreds of homes have been lost, thousands of people have been evacuated.>> reporter: it is unbelievable. it is totally, totally, crazy. in my life i have never seen anything like this.>> the flood waters have shut down two major interstates. rail service and oil pipelines have been impacted. it is believed to be worse than
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the 1993 floods. he was complaining how cold it was, he said it was 50 and san francisco. it must feel chilly. >> if you are made of the bay area, it is a chilly day. but he is from michigan and it is inexcusable. >> no. >> it is 50 degrees san francisco, upper 40s san jose, it is going to be cold for tonight. we have a freeze warning in effect that goes into place later tonight. we will see temperatures in the coldest spots going down into the mid-20s.
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saturday morning. tonight clear skies, when we get away from the bay it's going to be pretty cold as we bring in the new year. upper 30s for san jose. close to freezing in santa rosa. here is a live view of the bridge, it is clear, cold temperatures, freezing temperatures into the inland valleys. tomorrow, sunny, bright blue skies temperatures will be struggling to get of the 40s. we may hit the 50s in the afternoon. saturday, sunshine and increasing high clouds, those clouds are on the leading area of a weather system that will come in sunday. we will talk more about the
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coming up. if you have been with us this week, 2015 winding down, the reporters are looking at their favorite stories. maureen kelly looking at a video of a shark attack. >> reporter: a shark attacked a seal inside the san francisco bay. we got video from a taurus and films -- from a tourist. i was able to get surveillance video from a very bow. -- ferry boat. watch as he bursts from the bay, 8 feet, 10 feet, one witness said it could
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be longer. you can see the tourists come to the edge, and people in the back are looking. you can see the blood coming from the water surface. someone from alcatraz said that he was closed. he saw the violence. >> he got the seal again. i saw the body of it. it happened fast. it was so big. right there in front of us. >> reporter: it looked like something out of a movie. >> that was my first time ever
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and i was astonished by the whole thing. to see it in front of you was amazing. >> reporter: they have tracked the predators swimming through the golden gates before. but this was the first sighting of any attack. it is a healthy sign of a good eco-system. maureen kelly kron 4 news. looking at the biggest internet hits of 2015. at the big apple, look at the security concerned there.
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from the famous to the influence, adorable to the infuriating, this year was shot full of viral moments. visiting 2015 stories. >> [ music ] >> seven-year-old, dylan barnes shaking. they have this as a
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dance off. >> [ music ] >> the future arrived in 2015, on october 21, the world paused, named the future, holograms, hoverboards, showing up late night, here. there was no viral video horrifying as this. it clipped the vehicle on the bridge and plunged into the river. 42 people were killed and it was pilot error. >> he raised the price of a
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life saving aids medication, he raised it quite high overnight. he was the most hated man in america. cecil the lion was hunted in july. palmer did not face charges, he did days extreme humiliation. frozen dessert pies, patty labelle's pies, going viral in catching the attention of the finger -- the singer herself. a summer dance recital, aretha. >> [ music ] >> the sassy six-year-old
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captured her way. the address. is it blue, black, or is that way, gold,? -- is it a white, gold? the answer was blue, black. we are counting down to 2016. we have live reports where people are gearing up to ring in the new year. 1 million people in the big apple getting ready to celebrate the new year. how police are making sure people will be say. -- safe. >> [ music ] >> it is almost over.
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you are watching the bay area's news source. this is kron 4 news. a live look, you see the bay bridge, we are less than seven hours from bringing in the new year. people are ready together, you can watch the fireworks show live here on kron 4. they will
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be reporting live at the hotel starting at 11:30 pm. right now, it is time where people are starting to gather to get to that new year's celebrations. police are going to be out in force. >> reporter: i am sitting at the foot of market at the building. there is a crowd building, people are starting to come out to watch the fireworks just over the bay on the east side of the ferry building. you will get a good view of the fireworks. a lot of people gathering in one area, there are a lot of safety concerns. with you guys have going on, what do you have planned? >> we want everybody to have a good time. we have many officers working
5:33 pm
today. people are going to drink, drive responsibly, if you're using public transportation guide you see anything say something. we will be readily available. if anything happens, do not hesitate to flight us down and ask for help.>> reporter: -- do not hesitate to flag us down and asked for help. have you seen any threats creek -- have you seen any threats? >> no we haven't. if you see anything please be sure to light us down. >> we have a barricades set up. we will be sure people will not go into traffic. >> reporter: we will be here with live reports. are special new year's eve show tonight.
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charles clifford kron 4 news. >> everybody around the world, police are making people safe. already counting down in new york city. you can see them with the hats, they have the dance moves down. police are keeping a watchful eye over the crowd. >> reporter: it is a new year's celebration unlike any other in terms of size. security this year. 6000 police officers. just weeks after terrorist attacks in paris in california.
5:35 pm
officers will be in helicopters, on the water to ways -- waterways, also there will be assistance from the fbi. >> is one of the greatest events, 1 million people are expected, it's going to be fantastic. >> reporter: there will be one or on up to 14 screening procedures. visitors do not seem to mind. >> everything will be say. there are a lot of police officers. >> we are nervous.>> reporter: all this and not losing sight of what the evening is about. it is an event watched around the world. checking whether locally, we heard gabe complaining about
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it being 50 degrees. get up to, right? if you are scared, get a dog, if you are cold, get a coat. >> we do not like fog in the bay area when fireworks are going off. tonight looks clear. clear skies across the bay area, look at that clouds across the west. those will affect us later this weekend on into next week. this cloudiness in the pacific is going to fall apart as it approaches us. this one here, it will bring rain on sunday. there will be a series of storms coming our way, tuesday, wednesday, those storms could bring periods of heavy rain and strong winds. there could be 3 inches of rain in the bay area. we will keep watching it as it gets closer. cold temperatures tonight it will be cold tonight, tomorrow
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morning, a lot of readings falling into the 20s. there is a freeze warning, getting down to close to freeze and in san jose. for the weekend, sunshine on saturday. light rain will be coming on sunday, as i mentioned, there could be a lot of rain next week. i will mention that coming up. download the kron 4 app. still ahead, the top apps of 2015. the latest, bill cosby, the insider talks to the lawyer . (ingrid) i take pride in getting things done.
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enter sleep number, and the lowest prices of the season, sleepiq technology tells you how well you slept and what adjustments you can make. you like the bed soft. he's more hardcore. so your sleep goes from good to great to wow! only at a sleep number store, find the lowest prices of the season. save $600 on the #1 rated i8 bed, plus no interest until january 2018. know better sleep with sleep number. bill cosby's lawyer cut -- the lawyer expects him to be acquitted. . he is going into court yesterday. he is accused of sexually assaulting an employee at his home in 2004. he says the encounter was consensual. >> it has been a shock.
5:41 pm
i do not think any of us thought this was going to happen and if it was going to happen, it was not going to happen at the end of this year. it has been a long year. we are very grateful. >> it took me a moment, two minutes to process it, after i received the text from a dear friend. i started to cry. we were in a public place my husband and i and i put my arms around her -- around him and started to cry. >> she was 22 when he met her in the late 70s. you will here that story tonight at 8 pm on kron 4 news. the personal fortune, how his massive wealth and power
5:42 pm
have protected him from the allegations that go back decades. the criminal case. >> bill cosby will be cleared of sexual assault charges. >> reporter: returning to his lavish pennsylvania home. the same home that one of his accusers say that he drugged her and sexually abused or. -- her. he apologized to her in the victim and offering financial assistance. therapy, graduate school, and travel expenses he said he would cover.
5:43 pm
for many of his other 50 accusers, his wealth and power may have kept them from coming forward for so long. >> it's a different culture and society.>> reporter: the lawyer, seven women who recently counter sued for defamation when they went public. >> my client maintains that that there good name and reputation will be restored. >> we will have more on that story tonight on the insider. 2015 was a huge year for consumer technology. many gadgets were revealed. i will show you highlights, the best of the best right here on kron. temperatures in the mid- 40s, low 50s.
5:44 pm
the forecast coming up.
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the polls are in for the most popular apps of 2015. , google, facebook, apple, are the three top companies. facebook still hold three spots, it comes in first, the flagship, google dominated with five apps, google search, number 4, google play, google maps, comes in at six. gmail number 7. apple took the last two places.
5:48 pm
virtual reality, new phones, consumer technology sector. showing us the new devices that he was most impressed with. >> reporter: and 2015, the first wearable. the wearable watch. it did not have that new luster that apple gadgets seem to have. a lot of analysts say they did not want a pink phone, but it was rose gold, it was sold out for a month after the release. the giant ipad pro, it is huge. surprisingly, it is light weight.
5:49 pm
it is great for watching videos or playing games it is the ultimate ipad. you can take your existing speakers and use them. it plugs into every speaker or receiver in your house. it lets you stream music from your phone to the speaker wirelessly. a quick way to listen to music, no wires, no fuss, it cost $35. it is cheap. and 2015, virtual reality headset, it's coming out in 2016, i tried it and it was mind blowing. you're immersed in video games. >> right into a building. >> for a look at where the
5:50 pm
services and apps that stood out in 2015 look for my tech page on gabe slate. a lot of sunshine on the cool side, temperatures in the low 50s. here is a time lapse with the bridge. horizon, to horizon, new year's eve festivities, live at the golden gate bridge, clear skies ahead. temperatures are dropping rapidly for tonight. it's going to be chilly tonight. looking at the temperature in new york city, it is in the mid- 40s, we will be colder here in a lot of the bay area locations per -- locations. 8 pm, clear skies calm winds, no wind chill factor.
5:51 pm
temperatures dropping into the low 40s bayside midnight. low to mid 30s inland valley. starting off 2016, clear and cold. there could be some patchy valley fog. not as much this morning. but there is a chance. for the sierra, mixture of clouds and sunshine tomorrow and into the weekend. there could be some isolated snow showers. highs in the 20s, lows in the single digits. clouds increase on sunday from a weather system coming in sunday night. it could be a snow a week for the sierra next week. there is a frost warning in all the locations except for locations by the bay, highs in the afternoon low to mid 50s. we start out clear, we have
5:52 pm
some valley fog possibly, other than that it will be sunshine for the afternoon. saturday, we will have some clouds and they will thicken on sunday, we have a chance for off and on rain on sunday. monday, transfer light rain. we will have heavy rain and strong winds on tuesday. a weather system will be moving in. another one coming in on wednesday. we could see several inches array. up next, more people behaving badly. the people posing as monks in san francisco.
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5:55 pm
jeff pierce to finding people behaving badly.
5:56 pm
>> reporter: on market street in san francisco. a golden, good luck trinket. it seems like i was able to walk up to the monk. there here to panhandle. the men and women who were called nuns were involved in panhandling. here he is, he gets his iphone out, wherever i go he is watching me like a hawk. we have history, i am on their watch outlets. they always seem to know -- i
5:57 pm
am on their watch list. they always seem to know who i am when i arrived. san francisco police said that if they were donated you would not have to return the. the man -- return them. the man is still watching. the coast is clear, he has over to the market to try to peddle these. he does not get many takers. apparently, we have people to teach, in san francisco, jeff pierce to kron 4 news. we are going to get you ready for tonight's spectacular fireworks show. we will look back at the stories that made headlines in 2015.
5:58 pm
we will be back at 6 pm. not getting your best sleep? could be you've got the wrong bed. enter sleep number... she likes the bed soft. he's more hardcore. you can both adjust the bed for the best sleep of your life. find the lowest prices of the season, going on now. save $600 on the #1 rated i8 bed. only at a sleep number store.
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one person did suffer a heart attack due to the smoke. there was crowding with the evacuation. there were no children there.
6:00 pm
>> reporter: the fire broke out at 935 on new year's eve. a couple hours before the plant fireworks. is -- plant fireworks. not clear on exactly what caused the fire. it happened in a room on the 20th floor. it may have started outside the hotel. 196 rooms, set of four new year's eve. authorities tell us that it was an orderly evacuations. it was a frightening experience. they are being put up in other hotels in dubai. it was unclear if the fireworks display with go on. what it did.
6:01 pm
it was a strong fireworks display. it was at midnight as the countdown began. a man getting ready to watch the fireworks, witness the building bursting into flames. >> i was on the balcony watching. people were laughing, the music was playing, all of a sudden, you saw the flames and people were focused on trying to get over to see what it was.>> it was a surreal scene while emergency crews were working to put out the fire at the hotel. the fireworks display proceeded
6:02 pm
as planned. when the clock hit midnight, the plant fireworks show as the smoke continued to the low. the show went on -- as the smoke continued to flow. the show went on. >> officials say that the 25- year-old, was planning to commit a armed attack in a local bar. he was worthy of joining isis. executors say that the self- proclaimed convert to islam, has been charged with attempting to provide materials to terraced. -- terrorists. >> throughout our residential neighborhoods.
6:03 pm
rather than concentrating so many officers in one area, we will have officers at the convention center. >> on new year's festivities in brussels, have been called off due to terraced concerns -- terrorists concerns. people to stay away from large crowds and gatherings. police got concrete information for possible plans for attacks in munich. the huge spectacular fireworks show planned along the waterfront. there are no plant threats at all. we have live team coverage. jeff bush live at treasure island.
6:04 pm
thousands are expected to crowd the streets and sidewalks before the day. >> reporter: i am still cold. by the bay there are some winds, it feels cold out here. you have traffic, crowds, parking, you have to find a bathroom, and you hear this all night. watch kron 4 at 11:30 pm you can watch it from the comfort of your home. we will be hosting it and we have the best spots for fireworks. cameras are all around we can get footage from all angles. we talked to the people behind the show, getting ready for the fireworks show.
6:05 pm
these guys are great. i checked them out on the website. they do a lot of big shows in america. if you come out, by the ferry building, that is the best place to be, they set up speakers and they played music that is synchronized with the fireworks show. if you are down here, you can go over there. if you are out and about at work, you can watch the fireworks show live via our mobile app. asking them what to expect for the show.>> we have ariel shows , there is 5000 devices that will go off in a 15 minute period. rock and roll throughout the midnight and minutes after midnight.>> reporter: i talked
6:06 pm
to them earlier, how much weight . he said near a ton. look for the shapes, different shapes, animals, stars, hearts. it is cool. they said they're going to do it again this year. the show starts at 11:30 pm. jeff bush is on treasure island were going to go to him now. >> reporter: your perspective is beautiful. what we have here on treasure island, in view of san francisco. a beautiful, clear night. we can see an unexpected -- we can see the bay bridge. we have a beautiful view. this evening, we enjoyed the very last sunset of 2015. let's take a look at the video.
6:07 pm
a beautiful stunning and. -- end . an excellent place for photography of the fireworks and festivities. not too many people here right now here at treasure island. people are slowly coming in. i caught up with a young family. >> we got married. were going to be moving to a new home in 2016 were looking for more fun as a family. and seeing new things.>> what do you think? >> that sounds good. >> very well spoken. >> reporter: we are on treasure island. beautiful sky, beautiful fireworks show starting tonight at 11 -- 11:30 pm. i am jeff bush kron 4 news.
6:08 pm
>> 2016, do you want to explore and learn new things? >> are we going to be able to see the fireworks? >> yes. it will be crystal clear today. stars out for tonight. cold temperatures to go along with it. there is a freeze warning in effect. not for san francisco or locations by the bay, but as we get away from that area we will see temperatures in the mid-20s. for midnight, as we ring in the new year, the forecast, clear and low 40s san francisco. not too cold. the winds will be light. there will not be a wind-chill factor. upper 30s at midnight, close to
6:09 pm
freezing towards the north, santa rosa 33 degrees. a live view. we get ready for midnight today. going into tomorrow, a lot of sunshine, is chilly day, cold start, mild afternoon temperatures in the low 50s the sun saturday, close increase on sunday. the fireworks show will be right here on kron 4 in the comfort of your home. the whole crew will be there. 11:30 pm. that is when the bay area countdown get started. a man in a string of armed robberies targeting gas stations and convenience stores.
6:10 pm
one of the robberies occurred, scott with more. >> reporter: five occurred here. right now, police say the man is getting more and more bold as each robbery occurs. this is the man they are looking for. take a look at the picture. in each case, he's wearing a plain black hooded sweatshirt, a ski mask, a bandanna covering his face and jeans. he is caring that semi automatic handgun, you see it right there, it all started when this man started to rob a 711 on december 21. it started a string of robberies. including, walnut creek, you can see that picture, this guy is circulating the bay area,
6:11 pm
multiple police agencies trying to get them off the streets. we talked about this case.>> he is get this back he is getting a minimal amount of money. -- he is getting a minimal amount of money. sometimes he hits two times a day. all of our investigators threat they are talking to one another right now. they are trying to link all the cases with this case along with other open cases.>> reporter: the suspect is possibly a hispanic, asian man cut in his 20s or 30s. he has committed five here. he is 5 foot tall and has a stocky build. nobody has been hurt. concord police arrest
6:12 pm
people involved on december 21, 6 am, cold -- police were called for a man suffering a gunshot wound. the man is expected to survive, two minutes later there was another nearby shooting. the suspect vehicle was pulled over, the gun inside, and they arrested the suspect on to counts of attempted murder. the 51-year-old has been charged with murder and child abuse. she admitted to drowning her four-year-old grandson in a bathtub. she was taking care of her grandson and two granddaughters when she ran out of her fairfield home screaming. police were called and came to the scene. the four-year-old boy was unconscious. he was rushed to the hospital and died a short time later. in an interview, she admitted to police that she intentionally drown the child.
6:13 pm
the motive has not been released. her arraignment will be completed next week. new at 6 pm. fixing the relationship with police in some communities in the san francisco area. it is the goal of the san francisco police. meeting with the advisory form, the officer involved shooting of markowitz, the department is -- mario woods. the police department is following procedures. if an officer draws a weapon they need to explain. there trying to better control gun control. a cultural competency training needs to be completed. the statement, this is the beginning point and we must see it through to begin change. still ahead, the whole creating
6:14 pm
a big problem. what gave way to stop traffic. the biggest cargo ship to come into san francisco bay. holiday times are winding down. the toxin that let fishermen on the docks.
6:15 pm
6:16 pm
bay area news, a sink hole
6:17 pm
at the muni track. they had to use a bus bridge to get around the repairs. the cause of the rupture, a broken sewer line. talking to city officials. keeping on top of the infrastructure. >> reporter: it was gaping under the muni train tracks. it happened around 6 am. the cause, an 18 inch sewer pipe. washing away the dirt. crews had to make it bigger that you cannot see the broken by. it was demolished. this is the new pipe being delivered on a flatbed truck it will be put in to replace a. safety -- replace it. safety concerns came up. it is expected to be tested
6:18 pm
saturday morning. the street will be shut down. big sinkholes are unusual in san francisco. this is video from last december , a crater that appeared in the richmond district. the cause was from a broken storm line. this recent one they do not know when it was installed. some are over 100 years old in the city. the trying to ramp up their repair of the sewers in 2015. they replace 15 miles of pipe. with more repairs to come in 2016, trying to stay ahead of age related breaks. maureen kelly kron 4 news. the largest container
6:19 pm
ship to visit the united states. a milestone. it was carrying cargo, look at it rolling in their. people are taking it in. it is named, benjamin franklin bringing in products from china. it will create our jobs and improve the area's economy. the only other spot would be oakland. the coast of santa barbara, recent tests show that lovers -- show levels in the crabs in these areas. the levels are safe but avoid eating the internal organs or guts of the crab. >> is that of thing? do people do that?
6:20 pm
>> [ laughter ] >> along our coastal waters the advisory is still there. but they are seeing improvements joining us this new year's eve. keeping track. people are coming to san francisco, if they are not there watching the san francisco fireworks show from the comfort of their home. everyone wants to know about the weather.>> i find the weather is important to everybody. >> that is why you are invaluable. >> thank you. twofold, stay home and watch us new year's eve right here on channel 4. >> the bosses love you. >> look at this. temperatures dropping into the 30s. the sun went down and the temperatures are falling down
6:21 pm
rapidly. we will see temperatures in the 20s, were in the 30s right now, fairfield, 49 degrees in san francisco. as the fireworks go off we will be in the low 40s. at midnight 42 degrees. clear skies, yesterday we had the rain in the clouds. tonight, clear and crystal- clear conditions for the bay area. tomorrow, a lot of sunshine, it will be a cold day for the first day of 2016. high 40s to low 50s. saturday, as we get to the afternoon some clouds will develop in the sky. this system here in the pacific. these clouds, they will break up but on saturday, there is a chance for scattered rain.
6:22 pm
but the bulk of that will that get here until monday. in the sierra, saturday and sunday mixture of clouds and sunshine. highs in the 20s. cold mornings and a lot of snow on the way next week. we have a series of storms arriving in northern california . a lot of rain for the bay area. there is a possibly of a lot of snow for the sierra. upper 20s in north bay, upper 20s east bay, there is a freeze warning in areas. a lot of locations south, getting to or below freezing. 30s for san francisco and oakland. tomorrow, going up into the mid- 50s. i will talk about the rain coming up. still ahead tonight, another example of the dangers of hoverboards. that one, yucks.
6:23 pm
-- that one yikes. we will be back after this.
6:24 pm
6:25 pm
take a look at this. another hover board fire. you can see it smoking and a bursting into flames. just days before a ban goes on
6:26 pm
the devices. reports of them catching fire is becoming more and more common. starting tomorrow, january 1, in california hoverboards will be considered legal if writers are -- the people on them are 16 years old and wearing helmets. also staying off the sidewalks. he had been saving his allowance to buy a drone. his sister bought one for him. his dad took him to the park and disaster struck. they lost sight of the drone. a woman saw a poster of the lost drone. buying a $900 gift for a 12- year-old is outlandish.
6:27 pm
the boys father was shocked that someone would respond like this. >> i do not know why.>> some neighbors have offered the family to look for the drone. others want to chip in and help the guy buy a new one. the spectacular fire at the luxury hotel in dubai. looking back at stories this year. and we are getting ready to celebrate the new year. the count down is up. -- the countdown is on. we will be back right after this.
6:28 pm
6:29 pm
6:30 pm
kron 4 news. our top story tonight, the raging fire sending people running for their lives. a 63 story luxury hotel in apartment building. two hours before the dubai fireworks show that was set to begin. everybody got out safely. only a few people suffered minor injuries. one person died of a fatal heart attack. the fireworks show went on as planned. the serial
6:31 pm
convenience store robbery. he hit up at least five stores here. and walnut creek, he hit up one. when he walks into the convenience store he shows us semi automatic. he leaves the store with a small amount of cash. nobody has been herded -- nobody has been hurt with these robberies. a sewer line did first and it caused this sinkhole. starting off at 3 feet long, 3 feet wide, 10 feet deep. crews had to make it bigger to fix it. buses were swapped in to get people around the rupture. the largest cargo ship in
6:32 pm
the bay area. 10th largest in the world. making its way to the port of oakland where it will stay until sunday afternoon. company officials say that they will use it for regular service between china and the west coast of the united states. we are counting down, happening tonight the big fireworks display. bringing you that showed live tonight at 11:30 pm. gabe slate has been complaining about the cold all evening long. do have a solar battery powered jacket? >> reporter: i have to look into that. maybe, a heated jacket of some
6:33 pm
sort. i will look into that. it is cold out here. it is manageable. you have the crowds, you have to deal with parking, traffic, if you want a nice and easy evening watch it on kron 4 at home. we are at ground zero right before where the fireworks will set off. last year, it is put on by the same people that share. we talked to the people putting it on. 15 minutes of action packed entertainment. i asked him how much it always and they said near a ton. it's going to be an awesome show. they will provide music with the fireworks.
6:34 pm
you can watch it through our mobile app to. -- too. it will be a nice evening. it starts at 11:30 pm. a surprise, we are joined by our host who came out early. gary radnich. is the show going to be better than last year? >> hopefully, it is. >> thank you for coming out. >> reporter: check out the show tonight. they are a fun couple. they will put out a good show tonight. we will see you later. >> i did not know they were a couple but you always learn something new. that's the least i've ever heard him say. maybe we will be able to wake him up before the show at 11:30 pm. new year's live that is when
6:35 pm
the countdown will start. the skies will be clear tonight. you can see all the way into tomorrow. temperatures in the chilly side. 40s, 30s and places away from the bay. mid 30s in the inland dollars. some places close to -- in the inland valleys close to freezing. tomorrow, mild temperatures for the afternoon, a lot of sunshine to start. on saturday we have a weather maker coming in it will start off on a cloudy day. we do have some significant storms coming in tuesday and wednesday. first one tuesday, heavy rain
6:36 pm
strong rains -- strong winds, and then we have another one on wednesday. the ski area is in pretty good shape with a above average snow accumulation. more snow is on the way. the latest on the bill cosby investigation. his lawyer says that he was charged with a decade old of crimes. the tv legend has been unjustly accused but he is in good spirits and will be exonerated. the employee was assaulted at his home. he says that the encounter was consensual.
6:37 pm
there were a slew of other headlines. >> reporter: trance gender took -- transgender stories in 2015, josh dugger, he faced charges of sexually assaulting girls. >> stopping this mirage. >> reporter: some of the sexual partners of charlie sheen, he announced he was hiv-positive. bobbi kristina brown died at the age of 22. she was found unresponsive in a
6:38 pm
bathtub. exaggerating a tale of a helicopter mission in the iraq war. 2015 saw a shakeup in the late-night spectrum, john stuart moved on from the daily show after 16 years. he made the comedy show a cultural and political phenomenon. after a year like this one, so many people disappeared or disappointed us, no wonder we could not go to at gallo ski -- go to at galaxy -- far away, with star wars. start -- extract the decision
6:39 pm
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new at 8 pm. the blue angels, the top attractions this year in the bay area. look at that. a unique perspective on the tonight at 8 pm. steph curry, out of the lineup for the second straight night. when we return.
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
6:45 pm
time now for sports. another night in texas, another night without steph curry.
6:46 pm
the mavericks took advantage of that. getting to the highlights, the reigning mvp, missing his second game of the year with a bruised leg. clay thompson backing up his claim he is the best backup shooting guard. the other shooting guard, james, leaving the rockets with 30. team basketball prevail. check this out, assist, with andre, a triple double. here he is posted game. >> steph curry being out made the game easier for everybody else. we could push the ball, go, go, go. >> 114-110.
6:47 pm
back in action on saturday with the nuggets. college football playoffs. for teams, two spots -- four teams two spots. first half, baker mayfield, the muscles in to take the lead. oklahoma is up. second half started. the tigers drop 21. 37-17. moving on to the championship round. in the bay area, moving on to the nfl. announced this morning he's forgoing his senior draft --
6:48 pm
senior year. the nfl scout, the top prospect , favored to go in the first round. >> i felt like, i feel ready to take the next step. there wasn't much for to do in college in my career. i felt like i accomplished a lot. >> one of the most -- great resume. aaron rodgers, taking the top 10 -- the 49ers taken the top 10. the teams third appearance, the
6:49 pm
11 and to cardinals, they will be -- two cardinals. >> lighting up consistently. some teams could be -- lining up consistently. some teams to be a challenge. is going to be tough. >> kickoff in pasadena 2 pm. is going to be a good one. >> it will be a good one. we will have the parade before the kickoff. you want to tune in for that. 2 pm kickoff. >> you can sleep in a little bit, tune into the parade, and watch a little bit of football.>> chances are high he will be back against the
6:50 pm
nuggets. they wanted to take some precaution with the left calf injury. chances are, he will be back. steph curry could be back as well. >> harrison barnes. >> we will be right back. ok, we're here. here's dad. mom. the twins. aunt alice... you didn't tell me aunt alice was coming.
6:51 pm
of course. don't forget grandpa. can the test drive be over now? maybe just head back to the dealership? don't you want to meet my family? yep, totally. it's practically yours, but we still need your signature. the volkswagen sign then drive event. zero due at signing, zero down, zero deposit, and zero first months payment on a new jetta and other select models.
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this is the celebration in london. if you listen closely, you can hear big ben ringing in the new year. we are waiting here in the bay area to ring in the new year. thousands are expected. catching the spectacular fireworks show, if you are planning on being there or going out for the evening, rise on the transit is free. new year's eve, the busiest uber night of the year for. they want to make sure people understand, surge pricing will
6:54 pm
be in place. higher demand, higher the cost, it can go up, and all. if you -- and up. before you commit to the car, get a fair estimate. head out early, or call for a ride rate after midnight. a lot of people want to party right after, from 1 am to 4 am the surge pricing goes up. if you can get right out of dodge rate at midnight, you're probably going to have a cheaper price. >> what if you wait until sunrise? >> i would have no idea. >> you are tracking the forecast.
6:55 pm
>> clear skies. cool temperatures, low 40s for san francisco. not horrible. it is not going to be windy. these are my forecast numbers for midnight. in livermore, close to freezing tonight. >> it starts at 11:30 pm. getting you ready for the fireworks spectacular.
6:56 pm
6:57 pm
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6:59 pm
the insider from hollywood, your 24/7 celebrity conversation. bill cosby's lawyer says the comedian will be cleared of sexual assault ch >> cosby closes out 2015 with a criminal assault charge. but can bill's wealth and power help him avoid jail time? >> the multitude of allegations have definitely hurt his net worth. an attorney for cosby's accusers sounds off. >> my clients were truth tellers. >> then george lucas blasts disney over "star wars." >> i sold them to the white slaver that's take these things. >> modelling's biggest money makers get a major wage increase. and did taylor turn her bad blood crew into fashion's top earners? and not so fast, kendall and kylee, this model daughters are the new sister act. >> right there.
7:00 pm
>> but how does their '80s teen idol dad feel about wardrobe? >> it's a small bikini. and that angle is just not appropriate. >> it's the "insider" together with yahoo. hello, everybody. welcome to the "insider." let's kick things off with the top trending story that making headlines today. bill cosby free on $1 million bail after his sexual assault charges yesterday. but algdz abuses going back a decade, tonight we go inside cosby's massive wealth and power. this will help bill beat the rap? >> how respond to the charges? >> now the criminal case against bill cosby. >> bill cosby's lawyer says the comedian will be cleared of sexual assault charges. >> any comment mr. cosby? >> shielding him sfrefl a sea of probing presby returning home to his lavish and pennsylvania compound yesterday. for manufacture his 50 plus accusers that, shield of wealth may have kept them from co forward for so long.


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